Our field of activity

Pixelperfect, a digital agency

We are proud to call ourselves a digital agency specializing in web solutions.

A digital agency is a new type of web agency that is growing rapidly overseas, and whose definition is often unclear. Below is a brief and precise definition of what we consider a digital agency to be, and in what ways it differs from what is currently available on the market.

A digital agency is an entity that offers technical and creative services for the development of internet-based products. These services range from web design to the positioning of websites, from social media marketing to the development of software and web applications.

An excellent digital agency will therefore be able to take on projects such as the creation of e-commerce capabilities, building a new website for a company or institution, and the promotion of a new product online – from strategic analysis to development, and then to promotion, measuring and analyzing results all the way.

Not just a web design agency

The main difference between a web agency and a digital agency is that a digital agency has many areas of profound knowledge and expertise that are not normally covered by web designers. An excellent digital agency understands the complete picture of a client’s needs and has the tools and abilities to cover all those needs through multi-platform online solutions. Whether you are dealing with bits or pixels, a digital agency should be with you all the way to the end result.

Not an advertising agency

A digital agency is not an advertising agency. Advertising agencies mainly work through traditional mass media. Digital agencies mainly work through the internet and digital campaigns. While advertising agencies earn money through the positioning of their advertising rather than from real work, digital agencies mainly earn from the creative and technical services they provide. More and more, companies are moving towards choosing completely digital partners, as the digital world is fast becoming the first choice for marketing, thanks to the best value for money, the success of the campaigns, and for the measurability of results. Companies in tune with the times realize that by working with a digital agency they have an efficient and effective system of bringing their business to the digital world, as digital agencies have the tactical, creative and technical skills to help their businesses.

Le realtà al passo con i tempi si rendono conto che lavorando con una digital agency hanno a disposizione un sistema efficiente ed efficace per portare la loro realtà nel mondo digitale, in quanto una digital agency possiede le competenze tattiche, creative e tecnologiche per aiutare il loro business.